I did a lot of research before buying an espresso machine and it came down to this one or another that was over $800. This is my first espresso machine and my coffee tastes like I bought it from the coffee shop. I've had it for about 3 weeks and use it daily. This machine is super easy to navigate and use. I was able to make the perfect latte on my first try without having any experience in using an espresso machine before. I mostly make lattes but I've been experimenting with making frappes. I love how easy it is to use and clean. The water reservoir holds more than enough water and is easily removable for refilling, or you can just add water to it, using a cup (easier and less time consuming). The manual says to let it heat up for 15 mins before using it but it's usually ready after about 2-3 minutes. I've heard people say the espresso turns out better if you let it warm up longer, but I think it's perfectly fine after only a few minutes. The machine is small but I have no issue with it. My milk frothing pitcher fits perfectly under the steamer, just make sure you don't buy a pitcher that is too large; there's really no need. I don't really use the top for warming my cups but I've touched it before and it does get pretty warm. I really don't know how I was surviving before I got an espresso machine.

So I had mixed feeling about this product at first -- until it hit me... This machine is a perfect entry level (rookie) machine for anyone who just wants to get hands on experience with making espresso at home; this is not by any stretch going to be your supreme quality espresso from an experienced barista at an established espresso bar. However if you are looking at having a cappuccino or latte, or just a shot of espresso without making the expensive trip to Starbucks every single time you get the craving this machine will give you that. With that said understand that with areas around culinary/bar-tending art your output will depend on your time and input to a limited degree. Meaning that you will need to take the time to hone your skills learn from your mistakes, so that you can get the most out of your coffee or machine and eventually if that’s your plan move on to a more expensive interactive machine. Now if you are passed the “rookie” phase then yes please move on this will be a waste of time and money for you, but if you are like me and just want to enjoy the experience then start with this device it’s the perfect way to: (results may vary per machine) play with your coffee grind, your tampering technique, your steaming/frothing…etc. In the end I may move on later down the road from this espresso Machine, for the time allowing I have enjoyed every cup I made and sharing it with my special someone and my crazy family. As always understand this is just a personal opinion based on my level of experience and knowledge. I hope that you allow your personal taste, comfort, and sense of adventure be your everlasting guide toward your own exciting journey. I share mine I hope you share yours.

Tip: If you can't seem to get the espresso to come out when you first try it, make sure the steamer knob is turned completely off. The first day I got my De'Longhi I thought it was broken; I tried everything to get it to work. I eventually tried the steamer to see if it worked and it did. I turned the steamer off and tried the espresso again and voila! it worked!