I bought this for my wife for her birthday! I was looking to spend the money for a high end $500-$600 espresso machine. My wife parents has one and every time we go over, we always have a cup or two. We end up asking about how much they cost, where they bought it ect. For the information we got from her parents, the machine broke down a couple times and had to send it to get fixed. Which cost between $100-$200 depending what the problem was.

After looking around a couple days looking at reviews, It was between this machine and nespresso vertuoline. I realized that the vertuoline took different capsules. A bit more expensive for the machine and each capsule. The vertuoline made cups of coffee and shots of espressos. The pixie just makes espresso depending if you have the froth maker bundle.

In conclusion, have a coffee machine already and we just wanted to make espresso, didn't need to spend more for the vertuoline and high end espresso machine, when in the long run have to get it fixed all the time, when I can use the money on getting a nespresso pixie machine. I can buy 5 of them if they ever broke instead of the high end machine. I also wanted to stick with the original line capsules. Simple

When I got the item, i was a bit surprised how small it was. I hooked it up and popped a capsule in and tried it out! Let me tell you! This machine is amazing! I would have to say it's way better tasting then these $500-$600 espresso machines.

I am a coffee snob. Most of the time I like using my manual pull machine and grinding the beans. This has some very compelling benefits. The coffee is very good, certainly better than Starbucks (I know that is a low hurdle). It is fast, clean, consistent and easy to use. The coffee is certainly more expensive than if you buy coffee beans and make your own but it is also less expensive than if you go out for coffee at a local coffee shop. I liked this one so much that we bought one for our house, one for my wife's office and plan to get one for my office.

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