I Am Going to Buy a High-end Espresso Machine

I am looking for a good espresso machine. There are a lot of unit in the market. It is a little bit confusing, as I really want to make the right choice. Therefore, I spend longer time to check on espresso machine reviews . Moreover, I do not have much experience in making my own espresso.

 This is why I finally decided to get an automatic espresso machine. It would have simple settings that are convenient to use. Right now, I am interested in high-end models from De Longhi, Jura and Saeco. These machines cost around $1500 to $2500. 

You might think that they are expensive. However, I rather spend more now than having to face cheap faulty machine in the future. In other words, if I buy a cheaper model, it might not last that long. In the end, I still need to buy a new model. Therefore, I think it is better to invest in a good high quality espresso machine that I can use for a few years.

Mightier Than the Sword

They say that the day we stop learning is the day that we stop living. Learning is a process that is not limited to the boundaries of the school walls. For instance, do you know what a masticating juicer is? There are some things that we would have imagined to only exist in futuristic shows but inventors have actually caught up with the times and made these concepts into reality. 

The masticating juicer  is not the most futuristic invention out there but it is still a pretty brilliant invention. Utilizing the elementary concept of crushing food with our teeth, it uses augers to crush the vegetables and fruits to extract the juice. 

There's an interesting tale being circulated around about pens in outer space. Due to the lack of gravity, pens can't operate the same way as they do on Earth. The Americans spent billions on a super hi-tech pen, and the Japanese? They used a pencil. Learning never stops, not even when you're 90 years old.


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